Black Goldendoodle: Your One-of-a-kind Oversized Teddy-Bear

A Complete Guide to The Beautiful Black Labradoodle!

Popularly known as the Groodle, the Black Goldendoodle is the result of a unique mix between the Poodle and Golden Retriever. Originally bred as a working dog, these canines are a well-known bunch that is loved all across the globe.

Introduced in the late 90s, these dogs came after the famous Labradoodle and are a blend of style and substance. Gentle, intelligent, playful, and loving, these dogs make great family companions and are extremely charming overall.

Since they are a fairly new breed and have been crossbred at their inception, it is hard to predict their temperament and appearance as no two Goldendoodles are alike.

Boasting an attractive black coat packed together with warm fuzziness, these dogs are just one type among the many different Goldendoodles available. If you want to know more about the black Goldendoodle in particular, then you’re in for a treat!

What Is A Black Goldendoodle? (aka. Black Labradoodle)

As we already know, the Black Goldendoodle is the offspring of two popularly loved dogs – the Poodle and the Golden Retriever. Black being a common color when it comes to dogs, most people prefer it because of less maintenance and their adorable overall appearance.

Known for their loving nature and affectionate charm, these dogs make great family pets and get their intelligence from both of their parent breeds.

Over the last decade or so, Goldendoodles have been used as guide dogs, for therapy, for search and rescue and medical assistance, and of course, as loyal pets. Extremely friendly and easy to train, they are fairly good with children and are somewhat easy to manage.

Although there are different kinds of Goldendoodles, today we will primarily focus on the Black Groodle (Black Labradoodle) and everything you need to know about this majestic pooch.


While we are aware that Golden Retrievers only come with coats in shades close to gold and cream, Poodles are often available in a range of colors, one of which is black. What does this mean? –The Black Goldendoodle gets his black coat from the Poodle side of the family.

In comparison to other dogs, this friendly mutt is the perfect alternative to a large-sized teddy bear. From their curly locks to their bouncy nature and energy – you would never get enough of their delightful personality. However, you can never know what a Black Goldendoodle would look like because not all of them have the same appearance, except their color.

These dogs feature round faces, bright brown eyes, and long noses, and well-built bodies that are somewhat lanky by most standards. Their tails are mostly long and their ears are bushy and lie flat against the sides of their face.

Height & Weight

The Black Goldendoodle is a fairly large dog. Their size and weight usually depend on the size of their parents and most breeders can estimate the height and weight of the puppy by taking an average of the height and weight of their parents.

Generally, a standard Black Goldendoodle would measure approximately between 22 to 26 inches tall and would weight anywhere between 45 to 100 lbs.

Black Goldendoodles usually come in 3 variations including a mini which stands between 13 to 20 inches, a standard which measures 17 – 20 inches and the large type which is as mentioned above.

Coat &Colors

As mentioned earlier, the Black Goldendoodle gets his stunning black color from the Poodle, however, the Goldendoodle in general also comes in a wide range of other colors that include red, fawn, cream, white, silver, brown, sable, gold, etc.

When it comes to their coat type, again, this too depends on the dominant parent – which means the puppy could have a straight coat like the Golden Retriever, a curly dense coat like a purebred Poodle or the most common among Black Goldendoodles – a wavy or shaggy coat. All the above coat types feature a double layer which includes a thick under layer and a thin overlayer.

Black labradoodle

Black Goldendoodle Personality & Temperament

Owing to their large size and muscular outlook, most of us would think the Black Goldendoodle would make a great guard dog – but you are mistaken. These dogs are nothing close to having the characteristics of a guard dog. Zero aggression with little or no barking, these pooches would rather smother you with kisses and cuddles.

Known for their undeniably warm nature, they consider everyone as a friend. At times they tend to forget their size and curl up on their owner’s laps and relax.

Just like all dogs, the Black Goldendoodle also requires a good amount of training which would help them learn to adapt and behave normally around strangers, other pets, and smaller children.

Black Goldendoodle Behavior

Just like their parents, the black Goldendoodle is extremely obedient and smart which makes them easy to train. They socialize well and get along with almost everyone – even with other neighborhood pets.

They love playing around and can often get mischievous and naughty, but this can be managed with early training. Far from lazy, they love a quick game of fetch and would be every-so-willing to grab a few Frisbees while playing your backyard.

Black Goldendoodle Temperament

The Black Goldendoodle is a calm, caring, and loyal pet that is patient and sharp-witted. Owing to their stable temperament and excessive energy, they would do great in homes with children – as playing would be more fun.

These dogs are not known for being aggressive or showing any negative behavior, but if you do see hints of aggression, it should concern you. Yes, they might get uncomfortable in adverse situations but you would never see this friendly canine biting or snapping at anyone.

Something to make you happy – if you correctly socialize this dog, you might not hear them howl or bark at all, which is great for anyone who wishes to own such a dug but lives in an urban setting.

Is A Black Goldendoodle A Good Family Dog?

Absolutely! Without a shred of doubt. The Black Goldendoodle makes the perfect family dog. To be honest, this pooch has no limits to the love it showers on the people it knows.

They are great with other pets but need to be exposed to other animals from an early age. With children, they play well, but when it comes to smaller children, supervising playtime would always be a better idea. This is only because these dogs sometimes forget their size and strength which could lead to mishaps and unnecessary accidents.

Caring for Black Goldendoodle

Unlike other designer breed dogs, the Black Goldendoodle is quite easy to care for. Thanks to their moderate maintenance requirements they work well around people.

Similar to their parents, these dogs also need a healthy exercise regime, a special diet with all the necessary nutrients to help them grow and develop, mentally and physically, and a fair set of grooming needs that isn’t all that hard to keep up with.

In other words, if you are looking for a low-maintenance dog that doesn’t demand all your time and energy, then this mutt is definitely one you should at least consider.

Black Goldendoodle Breed


As mentioned earlier, the Black Goldendoodle is extremely active and full of energy. This means they need a fair amount of exercise to help them blow off steam. Dogs that do not get adequate exercise tend to become destructive and are hard to manage in the long run.

Therefore, your activity levels must match your dog’s natural inclination. With that being said, you do not need any vigorous exercise plan – just a few minutes of playtime and running around and a casual stroll in the park would do the trick.

Just 60 minutes of daily exercise like swimming, agility training, or just a game of fetch is more than enough to stimulate your pet. Also, you must build a trusting bond with your dog, so some ‘alone time’ would also help in strengthening your relationship while keeping him healthy and fit.

Grooming & Shedding

Maintaining a Black Goldendoodles coat solely depends on the type of coat they inherit. As hinted above, these dogs feature different types of coats that need different care.

If your dog has thick hair like the Poodle or straight hair like the retriever, you would still need to brush their hair regularly to help prevent tangling. Also, you would be pleased to know, they barely shed. However, it is necessary to cut their hair every 8 to 12 weeks to keep them looking their best.

Other grooming needs include regular cleaning of the ears to check for infections, trimming of nails, and daily brushing of teeth to prevent any dental issues.

Feeding & Diet

Owing to their large size, as you might have already guessed – these dogs have a big appetite. You must check with your veterinarian to know what the best pet food for your dog is and what would be the best meal routines.

An adult Black Goldendoodle requires up to 3 cups of premium quality kibble on a daily basis, which should be split into 2 portions to help prevent Gastric torsion.

Known Health Problems

Unfortunately, just like all large breed dogs, the Black Goldendoodle is also prone to health issues. Some of the common ones include:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Eye Conditions

However, these can be managed with the help of proper pain killers, or even surgery. But keep in mind, you must take your dog for regular check-ups to make sure they are doing well.

Black Goldendoodle Puppy

How to Train A Black Goldendoodle

As we already know, the Black Goldendoodle is a smart and energetic dog, it is important to train them correctly and at the proper time to ensure they do not showcase any negative behavior when older. Often chosen to be service dogs, they are extremely easy to train and love learning new things.

Ideal for those who are first-time dog owners, these canines love pleasing their master, and what better way than to obey them during training. Start this from a young age and you would have a healthy and happy pet.

It is important to use only positive reinforcement training methods without any physical punishment, shouting or negativity as this kind of domination could cause them to lose trust in you, get aggressive and overly anxious. A healthy treat as a quick reward for their obedience goes a long way when it comes to this friendly dog.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 24 to 26 inches (male) 22 to 23 inches (female)
Weight 45 to 100 lbs.
Lifespan 10 to 15 years
Color Black
Coat Straight, curly, shaggy or wavy
Shedding & Grooming Moderate grooming with regular brushing. Never sheds
Temperament Friendly, loyal, calm, intelligent, patient
With Other Pets Gets along with other pets if socialized from an early age
People Skills Great with everyone
With Children Very good with older children. Needs supervision with smaller children.
Exercise Needs 60 minutes daily
Food 3 cups of kibble split into two meals
Known Health Problems Hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, eye issues

All Things Considered

Great with families, other pets, and children, the Black Goldendoodle would make the perfect companion for you. If trained right and showered with love, these dogs would fit into any kind of lifestyle and bound to enrich your family life considerably.

Affectionate and full of energy, they love a good set of cuddles and kisses and are ever ready for playing around. Kind, calm, and loyal, they’re easy to train and make exceptional service mutts.

What makes them even better is their low shedding tendencies, which is great for owners who suffer from allergies but who would love to own this adorable dog.

Caroline Jones

Caroline has been a dog lover since she was only 6 years old, when her parents got her a rescue Boxer. Since then her love for dogs has lead her to study Dog Behavior & Wellfare. She now educates people on how to properly raise and care for dogs, through her online site, Bark Friend. Now, she's a proud owner of a beautiful German Shepherd.

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