Boxer Husky Mix: The Boxsky, Working Dog With A Pure Heart

A Boxer Husky Mix is a hybrid like few others, not in the sense that is is an odd dog but definitely one that boasts a peculiar personality. Sometimes called a Boxsky, a Boxer Husky Mix is what you get when you mix a Boxer with a Siberian Husky.

Although this is considered a designer dog by most standards, it incorporates the bloodline of two hardworking dogs. These dogs have traditionally been used for labor and companionship, which is why they respond well to human presence.

The dog also seeks human companionship on account of its heritage, to the point where it may become a little too dependent on the owner. Fret not, chances are that your pup will be smart enough to fend for itself should you decide to adopt such a dog at any point.

What Is A Boxer Husky Mix?

By combining a purebred Boxer with a purebred Siberian Mix, you get a Boxer Husky Mix or a Boxsky as some people call them. These dogs are known for their resourcefulness, intelligence, loyalty, and adaptability.

The dog also makes a reliable watchdog due to its Boxer heritage, which when combined with the Husky’s energy, render the dog useful for a wide range of activities. Not just that but the dog is also very likely to adapt to any environment provided that its owners take the time to ease it in.

Their independence is also a point of attraction, although there are some who would argue that the dog can be a little too independent at times. Curious by nature, this is the type of dog you adopt if you have the energy and resources to look after its needs.


Considering the parent breeds, this hybrid can either look like a Boxer or a Husky. Not to say that it would be an identical match, but still enough to give passers-by an idea about the dog’s heritage. Either way, they have a very restrictive range in regards to their looks.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that these dogs are fairly well-built and physical, in that they are a lot stronger than other dogs their size. They seem to draw their strength from their heritage because as we said, both of the parent breeds have been used as working dogs throughout time.

Depending on the dominant genes, the ears of a Boxer Husky Mix can differ on a small range. While some of these dogs have erect and pointy ears like the Husky, others have sloppy ears more akin to the Boxer. There doesn’t seem to be a standard in this regard.


Height & Weight

An average Boxer Husky Mix can grow between 25 to 35 inches in height, which makes the dog fairly large by most standards. That said, bear in mind that their height depends heavily on the dominant genes and that you may have pups from the same litter who grow to different sizes.

In regards to weight, these dogs can grow up to weigh between 30 to 70 lbs or even more. Needless to say, their weight is largely affected by their environment, genetics, diet, exercise levels, and of course, how often the dog is fed.

Interestingly enough, the dog will also grow larger in a positive environment in which it gets the attention and care it requires. Not many people know this but a dog’s size is also affected by its mental state and emotional health.

Coat & Colors

For the most part, a Boxer Husky Mix will have a short to medium-length coat that requires minimal to average grooming. In principle, however, you should be more worried about grooming the dog’s teeth and nails more than the coat.

As for the color, many of these dogs tend to be either tan, fawn, or white with black. In this regard, there is very little variation, just like with the coat. What’s interesting is that the coat, regardless of color or length, tends to be waterproof on account of the Husky heritage.

Boxer Husky Mix Personality & Temperament

These dogs tend to be alert, watchful, resourceful, adaptive, and defensive by nature. This means that they can thrive in a social environment with the right guidance or fail to establish good relationships if the owner is a more private person.

This is the case with most Huskies and Husky-based hybrids, which is owed to the dog’s remarkable intelligence. Being a dog that’s constantly trying to make sense of things, it requires constant stimulation and guidance from the owner, not something that many owners are prepared for.

Having said that, know that these dogs aren’t exactly aggressive and that they do well with children. In fact, they do well around people in general but tend to be overly protective and extra careful around vulnerable people.


Along with their constant need for exercise, these dogs require a lot of space to roam. They frequently engage in disruptive behavior like digging, chewing, and licking, which may be a bit too much for some folks when considering how big these dogs can get.

Fortunately enough, they are very intelligent dogs and can be trained to go against their basic instincts. Then again, these dogs are bright, energetic, and very playful, so it would actually be a shame to discipline the dog too much for following its basic nature.

Another thing you will notice with a Boxer Husky Mix is the dog’s constant need for attention and validation. This is a trait that these dogs inherit from the Husky primarily, but Boxers have been known to seek attention as well.

Boxer Husky Mix Dog


Despite their energetic and restless nature, these dogs are far from being aggressive by any means. As a matter of fact, they are some of the most relaxed and tolerant dogs out there. Very tame as far as big dogs get, they are unlikely to exhibit any aggressive or violent behavior.

That said, know that they require a lot of training and socialization if they are to fit into a regular family’s dynamics. Not to say that they are particularly aggressive, but they can be a little too inquisitive for their own good.

As I already pointed out, the dog is high-maintenance in regard to attention and affection. This comes in contrast with its low grooming demands, but also considering how easy these dogs are to look after once you develop a good relationship with them.

Is A Boxer Husky Mix A Good Family Dog?

Undoubtedly. Given the dog’s heritage, intelligence, and goodwill, there are virtually no risks attached to owning such an exquisite hybrid. You see, these dogs have been bred to get along with children and this is exactly what they’ll do.

It is quite hard to annoy a Boxer Husky Mix to the point that it shows any signs of aggression towards a human being and a lot of poor training. To be fair, poor training explains a lot of the problems people commonly have with dogs regardless of breed.

Energetic and playful, these dogs love to spend time around people and will often initiate play with small children. Although there is a risk they might sometimes forget their own strength, they tend to be very careful around children of all ages.

Caring For A Boxer Husky Mix

As long as you provide the dog with the right amount of patience and firmness it requires to develop into a reliable companion, you will its grooming, exercise, and feeding requirements to be rather tame compared to other dogs this size.

In fact, you will spend more time cleaning the dog’s fur by washing it or cleaning the dog’s ears than by brushing the coat or attending to the dog’s other needs. Then again, you are only required to put as much effort into caring for the dog as you feel comfortable with.

Boxer Husky Mix


Both the Husky and Boxer heritage make the dog energetic and needy of physical exercise. On average, you are advised to provide the dog with around 70-80 minutes of daily exercise, although the exact activities should be divided according to the dog’s behavior and temperament.

If possible, include a training session into the dog’s exercise schedule. This is a sure way to guarantee that you develop a good relationship with the dog long-term while meeting its physical needs in a joyful and playful manner.

Grooming & Shedding

The grooming requirements of a Boxer Husky Mix depend mostly on which type of coat the dog inherits. If, for instance, the dog takes after the Boxer, then it will likely have minimal grooming needs. If the dog takes after the Husky, however, these needs will be considerably greater.

Whatever the case, know that these dogs do not require regular baths if their coat is short and that you should instead focus on the dog’s teeth and nails. While you’re at it, focus on the dog’s ears to ensure that it doesn’t suffer from was build-up.

Feeding & Diet

Considering how healthy these dogs are, your feeding patterns should reflect the dog’s personality, exercise levels, and general health. What you want in this regard is to feed the dog around three cups of kibble a day along with two regular meals.

These dogs love nutrient-rich foods that contain fiber-based cereals and vegetables. At the same time, you should consider feeding the dog food that includes buffalo, lamb, chicken, and veal. If not, then at least feed the dog some vegetable-based treats from time to time.

Known Health Problems

Healthy dogs for the most part, Boxskies sometimes suffer from the same afflictions that other hybrids suffer from. In principle, the dog is prone to Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Bladder Disease, and a series of congenital heart defects.

On the same note, a Boxer Husky Mix is also prone to Wobbler Syndrome, Cataracts, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy to some extent. A good way to ensure that your pup isn’t affected by any of them is to make sure it gets regular checkups.

Boxsky Dog

How To Train A Boxer Husky Mix

As long as you give your dog ample space to roam, you shouldn’t have any real difficulties training it from an early age. As I already pointed out, these are energetic dogs that need to roam free and thus, need a lot of space to run on a daily basis.

When you get to the actual training part, remember to be consistent in your commands and to be patient with the dog at all times. In this respect, early socialization is key as it enables you to work on the dog’s social behavior later on.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 20 to 35 inches
Weight 40 to 80 lbs
Lifespan 8 to 10 years
Color Red, white, grey, and fawn
Coat Short or medium depending on heritage
Shedding & Grooming Minimal shedding if the coat is short, medium if its longer
Temperament Intelligent, loving, loyal, watchful
With Other Pets Gets along well enough with other dogs
People Skills Great with people
With Children They love children
Exercise Needs 70 to 80 minutes every day
Food High protein food required along with kibble
Known Health Problems Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Bladder Disease, Cataracts

All Things Considered

If you’re planning to adopt a Boxer Husky Mix anytime soon, you should know that these dogs make excellent companions and all-round great family dogs. Not only do they enjoy human company and playing with children but they actually thrive on human interaction.

Smart, sociable, strong, and always looking to please, this is the type of dog that will change your life for the better provided that you take good care of it. Working dogs by nature, they make good guard dogs and trusty friends.

All in all, a Boxer Husky Mix should be considered a great family pet and a watchful protector you can rely on.

Caroline Jones

Caroline has been a dog lover since she was only 6 years old, when her parents got her a rescue Boxer. Since then her love for dogs has lead her to study Dog Behavior & Wellfare. She now educates people on how to properly raise and care for dogs, through her online site, Bark Friend. Now, she's a proud owner of a beautiful German Shepherd.

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