Husky Pug Mix: A Complete Guide To The “Hug” Dog

When we talk about a ‘Hug’ in this context we of course make reference to the wonderful hybrid between a Siberian Husky and a Pug. A designer breed by most accounts, this is the type of dog that combines the best of what Huskies and Pugs have to offer.

Sometimes referred to as a Pugsky, this peculiar crossbreed draws its genes from two very different dog breeds. Personality-wise, the Husky and the Pug are quite different, both in regards to their behavior and their temperament.

Despite the clear differences in personality, the resulting crossbreed is quite intelligent, alert, loving, and loyal. In many ways, a Husky Pug Mix combines a Pug’s goofy behavior with the Husky’s energy and cleverness, making it a very dependable companion overall.

What Is A Husky Pug Mix?

Nobody really knows how exactly this ingenious hybrid came to be. One thing’s for certain, though, the dog enjoys a tremendous rise in popularity and it’s very easy to see why that is. Friendly and lovable, this is the type of dog that loves to be around people as often as possible.

Having said that, you need to understand that these dogs can inherit conflicting or incompatible traits from each parent, which can be confusing for inexperienced dog owners. That aside, these dogs tend to be fairly calm and composed, so any difficulty you may experience while training the dog is bound to be easy to fix in the long run with a bit of effort on your part.

Even so, a Husky Pug Mix benefits from combining a wider gene pool than most pedigree dogs, an almost guarantee that the dog won’t suffer from any hereditary issues. To some extent, this hybrid benefits from something that many breeders call ‘hybrid vigor’, which is a unique and interesting predisposition for effort that’s bound to prove useful long-term.


husky pug mixed dogs

Because these dogs can take after each of the parent breeds, it can be difficult to predict how a pup will look like before you’ve had a chance to take a closer gander. Also, they tend to differ ever so slightly in appearance as fully grown adults.

Keep in mind that the muzzle length can vary quite a lot between pups from the same litter even, so don’t expect a Husky Pug Mix to look a specific way when fully grown. The best thing you can do with these dogs is to give them time to fully mature.

While their coat may differ to some extent, it is very rare for these dogs to have skinfolds but not impossible. The same goes for wrinkles and curly tails, both being traits that these dogs can sometimes inherit independently of their parent breeds.

Height & Weight

These dogs tend to grow between 10 to 23 inches in height, maybe slightly more in some cases. For the most part, the males are usually taller than the females, but this also depends on which side of the mix the pup takes after.

In regards to weight, these dogs grow to about 60 lbs at most, with the average being around 30 to 40 lbs. Know that their definitive size is very difficult to predict and that their lifestyle and diet affects how large they may be able to grow.

Coat & Colors

Seeing how a Husky Pug Mix has a long, thick coat on account of its Husky heritage, the dog is bound to shed on a regular basis. As such, people who get these types of dogs tend to brush them about twice a week or even more often than that.

The coloring of these dogs also reflects the genetic package they inherit from the parent breeds. You can find these dogs in white, brindle, gray, black, red, or silver colors, with no way to tell how a pup’s coat will look like once it reaches adulthood.

husky pug mixed dogs

Husky Pug Mix Personality & Temperament

Considering how they inherit traits from both of the parent breeds, you can expect a Husky Pug Mix to possess a happy predisposition akin to the Pug along with a few Husky traits to top it off. For instance, Huskies are known for their stubborn nature and a Husky Pug Mix can definitely inherit these traits.

At the same time, these dogs are very active and they love to be the center of attention, at least when their owners are around. In many ways, these cheerful dogs live and breathe by their playful nature and by their constant need for affection.

Also worth mentioning is their constant need for action. So unless you are prepared to take the dog out for walks at least two or three times a day, then maybe you should consider adopting another, less play-oriented pooch.


This dog requires constant attention and a good amount of affection at all times. While they prefer their owners’ attention more than anything else, these dogs are also inclined to make new friends as often as the situation presents itself.

Now, it goes without saying that their social nature makes them difficult dogs to look after. As a matter of fact, you want to avoid leaving the dog at home for too long, or else it might resort to destructive behavior in one way or another.

These dogs can also get pretty depressed if their socialization needs aren’t being met. To such an extent, in fact, that they might downright refuse to obey commands and instructions. This is a common trait of many Huskies, so a Husky-based hybrid is bound to exhibit the same traits.


Although this isn’t a violent or aggressive dog by any means, their overall temperament relies mostly on which traits they inherit from the parent breeds. To some extent, the dog may be playful and tolerant like the Pug, or energetic and stubborn like the Husky.

As we said, a Husky Pug Mix loves to spend time with its owners and may even become a bit overprotective at times. Rest assured that this rarely translates into any form of aggression, especially if the dog is well-behaved and has been trained properly.

Affectionate by nature, these dogs tend to get along with everyone and rarely showcase behavioral problems. It usually comes down to socialization and individual care, like with most dogs. Truth be told, these dogs are more than happy to join their owners in virtually any activity as long as they’re included.

husky pug dog

Is A Husky Pug Mix A Good Family Dog?

This is a playful dog that loves to spend time with people, so yes. The type of dog that disregards its natural instincts when properly socialized is always going to be an ideal companion. This is exactly the case with the Husky Pug Mix.

One thing that should be said about the dog’s tolerance levels is that a Husky Pug Mix rarely acts out against annoying behavior. So impressive is their capacity for tolerance, that they almost never respond to accidental kicks or nudges from small children or people they tolerate.

As always, however, you should definitely supervise the dog’s interaction with small children. Not because the dog is aggressive, mind you, but because these highly energetic dogs may end up harming the child without meaning to, simply by engaging in rough play.

Caring For A Husky Pug Mix

Maintenance and grooming should always be considered when caring for dogs of any breed, more so in regards to dogs with unusual characteristics. To put it bluntly, the Husky Pug Mix isn’t exactly a healthy-looking dog, not by a long shot.

To be more precise, some Husky Pug Mix pups inherit the Pug’s flat face, which in turn, causes them great breathing difficulties. This problem is exacerbated by extreme weather, especially during hot summer days when the dog might struggle to breathe properly.

In many ways, caring for a Husky Pug Mix is an unusual experience. Although not costly to look after, the dog requires constant attention just to get by. Some people might not be inclined or even willing to do so, and yet the Husky Pug Mix is quite a popular mix.


Considering the difference in energy levels between Pugs and Huskies, you need to first determine your pup’s capacity for effort before determining what exercise schedule the dog should follow. While some of these dogs inherit the Husky’s energy standards, others take after the Pug instead.

One thing to remember is that these dogs are perfectly suited for agility training and activities that rely on pace. The dogs may not have the greatest stamina out there, but they still love to run and will do so every chance they get.

It is advised that you exercise a Husky Pug Mix around 56 yo 60 minutes a day to ensure that your dog is getting the exercise it needs. This is the bare minimum, mind you, so feel free to establish more intricate exercises for your dog if the 60 daily minutes aren’t enough.

husky pug dog

Grooming & Shedding

One needs to understand before adopting a Husky Pug Mix that these dogs shed a lot and that they require a lot of regular grooming. In a way, you have to make sure that you have every tool and gadget you require to care for your dog’s coat properly.

Speaking of which, a Husky Pug Mix can either have a short or medium-length coat that tends to shed more than that of other dogs. Perhaps not as much as a Husky’s coat, but still enough for you to notice and definitely enough to warrant constant care.

Feeding & Diet

This dog is prone to obesity and requires very close supervision in regard to eating habits and calorie intake. It is advised that you feed a Husky Pug Mix around 2.5 cups of food per day at most. Anything more than that can seriously affect the dog’s digestion.

As cute as the dog may be, you have to refrain from giving the dog too many treats. Know that they are prone to obesity and that they have an oddly slow metabolism. This means that any feeding abuse on your part can cause the dog to gain weight rapidly over a short period of time.

Known Health Problems

It should be said that these dogs are prone to a series of hereditary illnesses like Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, eye problems, and spinal issues. This isn’t common by any means, but it does tend to happen from time to time.

These dogs can also sometimes experience birthing problems because of the odd nature of the hybrid itself. As such, it is usually the Husky females who give birth to the puppies. For a variety of reasons, the birthing is always problematic with these types of dogs.

How To Train A Husky Pug Mix

You will be pleased to know that these dogs aren’t difficult to train on account of their high intelligence. Even so, constant supervision and attention are required during the pup’s first few months to ensure that you develop a good relationship with the pooch.

These dogs tend to respond very well to positive reinforcement, especially if it involves an ample number of treats and verbal praise. At the same time, know that these dogs get easily scared and that you should refrain from raising your voice around them too much.

Cute Husky Pug Mix

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 16 to 22 inches
Weight 30 to 60 lbs
Lifespan 12 to 15 years
Color Black, gray, white, silver
Coat Short to medium-length
Shedding & Grooming The dog has a smooth coat that requires a lot of grooming
Temperament Friendly, affectionate, family-oriented
With Other Pets They get along well enough with other dogs
People Skills These dogs love spending time with people
With Children They love children of all ages
Exercise Needs About 45 to 60 minutes a day
Food They require a considerate amount of food, around 2.5 cups a day
Known Health Problems Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, eye problems, spinal issues, and patella luxation

All Things Considered

Because of their unique looks and friendly personality, these dogs are sought-after by people across a wide social spectrum. It does seem, however, that they require a lot of attention and affection to make sure that they develop enough confidence to put up with family life.

Bear in mind that these dogs aren’t exactly independent and that they need company to get by. Due to their playful nature, this shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle, or for a family with small and energetic children.

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