Rottweiler Lab Mix: A Stunning Rottador For Anyone Who Loves Family Dogs

Anyone who has a basic understanding of dogs will tell you that Labradors are by far the most mellow and accommodating dogs in existence. So in a way, mixing them with other breeds seems quite rational, perhaps in an attempt to capitalize on the dog’s easygoing nature.

Combining the Labrador with a Rottweiler, however, is rather questionable. Especially if we are to consider the fact that their personalities don’t really match.

Then again, this is a fairly new hybrid by most standards, so maybe we should give the pooch more time to prove itself.

Having said that, know that Rottadors are affectionate dogs by nature and that they make decent companions as well as watchdogs. Quite protective and resilient, they love spending time with their family and to show affection to anyone who loves them back.

What Is A Rottweiler Lab Mix?

While the exact origins of the hybrid are still largely unknown, it is believed that the crossbreed came to be somewhere in the early ’90s, most likely by accident. Since then, the hybrid has been bred time and time again on account of its easygoing temperament and extraordinary loyalty.

Part of the reason why breeders focused on this particular hybrid was to minimize some of the health problems that have plagued both the Rottweiler and the Labrador.

This was done in an attempt to create a healthier breed, one that still incorporated all the personality traits that make the parent breeds so popular to begin with.

It also needs to be said that it isn’t always by choice that these hybrids are born, as Rottweilers and Labradors often mix with each other by accident. So if you’re looking for a Rottweiler Lab Mix, I urge you to seek out local shelters and message boards.


Rottweiler Lab Dog

This is an athletic dog by most standards, the type of dog that stands out from a crowd in an obvious fashion. That said, keep in mind that Labradors are usually thinner than Rottweilers, so any crossbreed between the two is sure to be skinnier than most Rottweiler pups.

Even so, the Rottweiler Lab Mix should be considered an imposing dog, a dog with a thick head, and a very physical presence. While the muzzle is longer than that of a Rottweiler, it is still somewhat shorter than a Labrador’s, even though it resembles the snout of a Lab in many ways.

Also worth mentioning is the broad-shouldered physique with a large and muscular head and neck. Overall, these are truly impressive dogs as far as looks go, the type of dog that you will need to learn how to control on account of its impressive physical strength.

Height & Weight

As I already pointed out, this is quite a large dog in terms of both height and weight. It is likely for a Rottweiler Lab Mix to grow up to 24 or even 27 inches tall, with some of them getting even taller than that.

In regards to weight, you can expect the dog to reach between 70 and 115 lbs, with males being slightly heavier than females. As you would imagine, the height and weight of the dog also depend on the dog’s lifestyle and nutrition.

Coat & Colors

Being the mixed dogs that they are, these pooches tend to inherit their coat from one of the parents. This way, the dogs tend to either have a short to medium coat that’s smooth to the touch, or a slightly longer coat with a similar texture.

As for the colors, most of these dogs have dark coats, mostly brown or black. It is also possible for the dogs to have gray, black, and even tan coats, but this only happens on rare occasions in which the Labrador genes are dominant.

Rottweiler Lab Mix Breed

Rottweiler Lab Mix Personality & Temperament

It would be wise to point out that both Labradors and Rottweilers are sociable dogs, yet the hybrid tends to have a distinct personality. In a way, it can be difficult to predict what the dog’s personality will be like because it’s sometimes quite different than how the parent breeds behave.

One thing is for certain, these dogs love to be with their family and hang around people they like. It is also expected of them to prefer the company of their family over that of other dogs or pets, a common staple of Labradors and Rottweilers alike.

The dog is also very friendly by nature and never seems to back down from a physical challenge, no matter how difficult. This makes the dog very useful for a family that lives an active lifestyle or for a family with very energetic children.


You need to understand that this is a very playful dog that loves to play fetch or tug every opportunity it gets. Provided that you have the energy to address the dog’s needs, you are bound to have a good time long-term just on account of the dog’s playful nature alone.

This is the type of dog that always follows in its owner’s footsteps, be it for work, exercise, or leisure. In a way, it is the kind of dog anyone who lives an active lifestyle should enjoy, a dog that makes use of its impressive physical features to match its enthusiasm.

As you would imagine, the dog can easily get mischievous if its needs aren’t properly met. Left alone at home for extended periods of time, the dog is bound to mash out and break things around the house. This may include shoes, clothes, and furniture.


Having talked about the dog’s potential for destruction, let me just be clear and point out that this is not an aggressive dog by any means. Still, the dog’s impressive physique should tell you that aggressive or not, you do not want to make the dog angry by any means.

It would also be wise to point out that this is a protective dog and that it never backs down from a challenge. So unless you want to struggle with restraining the dog every time you take it for a walk, then maybe you should take the time and socialize it thoroughly from an early age.

Speaking of which, you shouldn’t adopt a fully grown Rottweiler Lab Mix if you have other options. Given how strong the dog is, you might not succeed with socializing it once it has reached adulthood, which may cause an awful lot of stress for you in the long run.

Rottweiler Lab Mix Dog

Is A Rottweiler Lab Mix A Good Family Dog?

Considering the fact that both Rottweilers and Labradors are good family dogs, any crossbreed between the two is bound to share the same personality traits. In many ways, a Rottweiler Lab Mix is a bit more independent than the parent breeds, but not too much.

One thing you will notice about this dog is its willingness to please. Whether it interacts with its owners, other pets, or people it likes, the dog will always strive to please and will make a total fool of itself trying to do so.

As long as you keep in mind that they can get overly protective at times, you shouldn’t really have any long-term problems with the dog, not if you take your time to see to its needs and socialize it thoroughly from an early age.

Caring For A Rottweiler Lab Mix

We talked at lengths about the energy reserves of this highly active pooch, so it would be in your best interest to take that into account if you plan on adopting one. You have to understand that a passive lifestyle is sure to damage the dog’s mental health as much as its physical prowess.

In regards to caring for a Rottweiler Lab Mix, know that they are quite adaptable to any family dynamic and rarely have preferences among family members. As a matter of fact, they enjoy being the family’s loving goofball and will willingly make a fool of themselves for people’s enjoyment.

Entertaining as owning a Rottweiler Lab Mix may be, you need to look after its physical and emotional needs to the best of your ability. Luckily enough, the dog doesn’t bark that much so you aren’t likely to have any problems if you live in an urban environment.


Being the high-energy dog that it is, a Rottweiler Lab Mix requires a lot of exercise on a daily basis. It is advised that you dedicate between 60 to 90 minutes a day to properly and thoroughly exercise the dog and to incorporate as many games in that schedule as possible.

Speaking of which, this is a playful dog by nature and as such, will welcome the opportunity to play at any given time. What you want is to incorporate some training routines in the dog’s daily exercise schedule and to make the whole thing as entertaining as possible.

On average, you should make sure the dog gets a daily dose of about 120 minutes of exercise, preferably longer. Needless to say, if the dog doesn’t get the amount of exercise it requires, it may turn to break things around the house out of sheer frustration.

Rottweiler Lab Mix Running

Grooming & Shedding

Seeing how these dogs tend to have short-to-medium coats, you won’t really need to groom them that much. If anything, you should brush them about once or twice a week or so, not to mention the grooming that goes along with the brushing.

Also try to remember that these dogs have clean coats that require very little care on a regular basis. Because of the oils produced by their coats, the dog should not be bathed too often. On average, a monthly bath should do the trick.

Feeding & Diet

It should be said that a Rottweiler Lab Mix requires about 1,700 calories a day or even more than that if the dog is very active. If you can, you should also supplement the meals with 2-3 cups of kibble on a daily basis.

Strong and physical dogs by nature, they require a lot of food because they spend a lot of energy. It is for this exact reason that you should ensure that the dog gets the opportunity to spend its pent-up energy, lest the dog becomes prone to bloating and/or obesity.

Known Health Problems

This active and energetic dog requires a lot of attention on account of its predisposition for allergies, bloat, and obesity. At the same time, the dog is prone to ear infections and cold tail due to its Labrador heritage.

Even though hybrids are commonly known to be healthier than their parent breeds, a Rottweiler Lab Mix can inherit some of the medical ailments that its parents suffered from. Otherwise, a healthy Rottador can live anywhere between 9 to 12 years or more.

Rottweiler Lab Mix Pup

How To Train A Rottweiler Lab Mix

These dogs respond well to training based on repetition and positive reinforcement. Being the intelligent dogs that they are, they are always looking to please their owners and may become frustrated if they fail to accomplish tasks the way their owners intend them to.

It is for this reason that you want to avoid expressing your dissatisfaction with them in a visible fashion. In a way, the dog tends to tune-in to your personality and is quick to blame itself for any fault that you may perceive in its behavior.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Information
Size 24 to 27 inches
Weight 70 to 115 lbs
Lifespan 9 to 12 years
Color Gray, brown, black, and tan
Coat Short to medium length
Shedding & Grooming Little grooming required, the dog rarely sheds
Temperament Loyal, protective, playful, energetic
With Other Pets Good with other pets
People Skills They love being around people
With Children Great with children if properly socialized
Exercise Needs About 90 to 120 minutes a day
Food 1,700 calories a day along with kibble
Known Health Problems Allergies, ear infections, bloat, and obesity

All Things Considered

Although not a purebred, a Rottweiler Lab Mix makes an excellent family dog on account of its heritage. Bred from two very loyal and affectionate dogs, this is the type of pooch that will adapt to any family dynamic and thrive in virtually any environment in which it feels loved and cared for.

Having said that, bear in mind that this is a strong and physically imposing dog, the type of dog that might easily scare people away once it gets to growling and posturing. So to the best of your ability, do try to socialize the dog properly if you end up owning one at any point.

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